Machines Uncontrollable !


Artificial Intelligence started in the fifties with a very optimistic vision. Scientists at that time predicted that machines outsmarting human will be built in 10-20 years.Unfortunately (or maybe luckily) this was far optimistic than reality was. AI Scientists after that went through an era of pessimism and thought that -i.e. machines outsmarting man -was impossible.

However, The optimistic era re-started some years ago. This was due to the great increase in computer’s power over the years which really proved Moore’s Law (computer power is doubled every 2 years) .

“AI Scientists worry machines may outsmart Man” is an article in the NewYork Times.They are debating whether there should be limits on research that might lead to loss of human control over computer-based systems.

Evil computer

Evil computer

Why worry ?

So what’s new in order to make scientists start to worry. Unstoppable Computer Viruses, Predator Drones ,self-driving cars, software-based personal assistants,service robots in the home and robots navigating the world are all signs of machines that would harm mankind easily if one of the following happened :

  • Man lost control over them.
  • They were used by criminals
  • Evil was programmed in them for research.
  • They had BUGS 🙂

The Singularity

Technological Singularity refers to the prediction that human will create machines that out-smart human, causing the end of the human era due to the control of machines. The idea of an “intelligence explosion” in which smart machines would design even more intelligent machines was proposed by the mathematician I. J. Good in 1965. To understand the idea more please watch The Matrix.

The power of forgetting nothing

I and a friend during Cairo ICT 2010 were chating with a researcher working with DARPA about this issue. I was saying that the singularity is very far away and that building extremely intelligent machines is impossible in the coming years. He – the researcher- stated that it’s not that far.Although it’s very hard for humans to invent algorithms that make the machines outsmart humans, the machines still have a power not found in humans : The Power of remembering everything 🙂 . According to him,This fact will lead the machines to learn extremely fast and outsmart humans in a small time.

Just Imagine,All the experiences and sciences a man learns in 40 years could be learned by a machine in -say- 7 months. I think you now can understand what i mean !